‘Paranormal Grapevine’ is in the house: What is what and what will be…

Paranormal Grapevine's Debra Zachau.

Besides living by the Golden Rule, I keep Rumi’s statement close to my heart: “Past right and wrong there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” — Debra Zachau, Paranormal Grapevine.

Welcome to Paranormal Grapevine where everything supernatural, super haunted and super psychic lives!  My intention for this column is to serve as well as entertain those who are experiencing hauntings, daunting’s and woes.

My name is Debra Zachau and I’m a local psychic working full time as an advisor, teacher and author.

I am honored to be invited to participate in the new and fresh publication The Escondido Grapevine. I’ve been a student of metaphysics all my life and now work on two psychic hot lines (one national and one international) as well as serving local clients through my website.

I have experience clearing haunted houses, haunted people and haunted ideas!  I teach tarot and have a class called, “Learn Tarot in a Day” that I do a few times throughout the year and provide light hearted readings at parties.

I have learned in my work that there are many questions about this topic. Some of the most common asked include:

  • Is there such a thing as being possessed?
  • How do I get rid of a ghost in my house?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Why doesn’t my passed loved one contact me?
  • Will my happy relationship come back to me?
  • Where is my true love?
  • Will my job end, start, continue?
  • Who are my guides?
  • Are angels real?
  • And what about past lives?

This column will answer all of those and more.

However, I will need YOU to write in and share your own stories about this Divine world of wonder. If you have a haunted house let me know so I can investigate and clear it for you, then teach you and the readers how to do it for themselves.

Let me tell your stories of Divine intervention where angelic visions or visitation helped you. Express how your life was changed for the better by the experience. I want to celebrate this for you and shine light on it so others can better recognize it when it happens to them.

Last but not least, free psychic readings and house clearings.


You read that right! Every week there will be a lucky winner. Simply email me at debrazachau@gmail.com to submit your entry.  Write in the Subject line, I WANT TO WIN.  One submission per week please.

(Debra Zachau can be contacted directly through emailing debrazachau@gmail.com .You can also visit her website at www.debrazachau.com.)