Getting out the real story the Grapevine way

Getting out the news.

It is easy to Google anything and read these days, but what are we being fed? The fact is anyone can write words on a piece of paper and post or print it.

As a reader, it is very important to consider the source. First of all, who is the author of the story and is it journalism or one’s own point of view or interest? Especially when it comes to news of any degree, soft or hard stories may or may not be factual, depending on who released the information for publication.

Journalism should be non-biased and presented as such. When researching any topic of interest, check the credentials of the author thoroughly. Just because they may list a degree doesn’t make it so.

Take a minute to look it up. You might be shocked to find you’ve been duped by their own agendas. How much education as well as experience in the field of journalism do they have?

It can be confusing with so many small papers floating around these days. Remember,real journalism should appear clear and concise. The story should be made transparent by background research by qualified educated journalists.

The power of the pen still exists and I’m excited about introducing the Escondido Grapevine newspaper.

We have assembled the very best staff of dedicated, award-winning journalists, including former North County Times editors and writers along with an amazing group of professional sales and marketing people, contributors and, best of all, community participants and volunteers.

I look forward to assisting this endeavor to empower Escondido and surrounding communities to get the real story and the integrity it deserves .