Thanks to Parvo, no fun at the dog park

Mayflower Dog Park, Escondido

Thinking about going to Mayflower Dog Park, 3420 Valley Center Road, between now and Jan. 2. Think again.

It’s closed due to suspected Parvo, not a dog’s name, unfortunately, but a canine disease.

The closure was “a precautionary measure after a report of a dog who visited the park in late November came down with a case of Parvo,” city of Escondido spokeswoman Loretta McKinney said. “Escondido is choosing to be proactive in order to keep our animal family members safe.”

Getting technical, the Parvo virus, according to Canine Journal is spread through a dog’s feces whether through direct or indirect contact with the feces of an infected dog. Cardiac Parvo is found in puppies under the eight weeks old, but is rare and not  believed to be the culprit in the case of Escondido’s far-northeast side dog park.

The intestinal form of the virus is believed to be the problem with the problem dog who wasn’t identified by authorities, but de fact shut down the park. It’s passed through oral contact with the Parvo virus that can be spread through feces or infected soil. It’s considered highly contagious.

Canine Journal reports that dogs with the virus should be hospitalized for treatment. Treatment consists of the administration of crystalloid IV fluids and or colloids, administration of anti-nausea medications and injection of antibiotics.

Mayflower Dog Park is a fenced, off-leash 1.5-acre area where area dogs and their owners can frlic with others of like kind, When it re-opens next year, hours will be dawn to 9 p.m.

For further information, call Escondido dog park people at (760) 839-4691.