Heaven’s Gate survivor 20 years later

Heaven's Gate 3/26/97 RIP.

A former Heaven’s Gate member is looking back on the time he spent with the cult 20 years after dozens of its members committed suicide together at Rancho Santa Fe.

The man, who goes by the name Sawyer, told Inside Edition that he spent 18 years with the cult, reaching the rank of “overseer” before leaving in 1994.

He recalled his conversations with the leader of the cult, Marshall Applewhite, who was known by his fellow followers as “Do.”

“He said that there wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t think of himself as insane,” Sawyer said.

Applewhite founded the group in 1974. In March 1997, he and 38 other members were found dead in their beds in a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego in California. The 18 men and 21 women were all dressed in identical black clothing and sneakers and were covered with purple sheets.

It emerged that Applewhite was somehow able to talk his followers into consuming a toxic mix of vodka and chocolate pudding or apple sauce that was laced with barbiturates. Some also had plastic bags pulled over their heads.

Applewhite told them the comet Hale-Bopp was being trailed by an alien spacecraft and, if they died, they could board it. He said that after their deaths, they would be transported to a new level of existence.

Reporters were stunned when they gained access to the mansion following the mass suicide. They found blood stains and splatters across some of the rooms.

The bunks and shrouds discovered at the mansion are now on display at the Museum Of Death in Hollywood, California. Mannequins wear the actual clothes taken from some of the bodies.

The website for the cult is also still working and looks just like it did decades ago.

Professor David Taylor, who has studied the cult, told Inside Edition: “Everybody’s wearing exactly the same kind of uniform.”

“They wore drab loose clothing to minimize men being attracted to women and vice versa,” he added.

He pointed out one of two different patches that they designed for the suicide event. “It says ‘earth exit,’ which indicates their intention,” he said.

Nine of the men inside the cult castrated themselves “by their own volition,” he added.


Every month, the bills get paid on time. The emails get answered, and any orders filled. Which, for HeavensGate.com, is positively extraordinary. Because as far as the public is aware, every last member of the suicide cult died 17 years ago from a cocktail of arsenic and apple sauce. A few stayed behind, though. Someone had to keep the homepage going.

Today, at first glance, the fully functional, 17-year-old website seems like just one more of the many GeoCities-era relics that litter the internet. Visitor counts, flashing text, Word Art gradients; the whole gang’s here and then some. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find that almost every link adds yet another layer to a wildly extensive dogma, totally earnest in its interweaving of disembodied space aliens, Jesus, secret UFOs, prophets to whom aliens speak, comets coming to save us, and the suicide it takes to get there.

It’s not just text (though there is plenty of that); Heaven’s Gate’s internet remains also include hours upon hours of video recorded some time between 1993 and 97, the year the majority of the group committed suicide in anticipation of sublimating to the spacecraft that trailed comet Hale-Bopp.

Those recorded statements from “students” before their deaths (as well as their leaders’ own testimony) exist not only as videos on the site, but as transcripts. These were intended to last. And they have, thanks to the guardians of HeavensGate.com.

Today, only a few Heaven’s Gate believers remain. Two of them sit on the other end of the website’s sole contact email address, and will promptly respond to your inquiries. Which seems odd for a group whose members are all widely believed to be dead.

The people who respond to HeavensGate.com queries refer to themselves simply as “Telah” and “we.” They’ll answer questions if you ask—that’s part of the gig—but they’ve wearied of the rubberneckers that have passed through ever since their fellow active members committed suicide in 1997. Which is perhaps to be expected when you’re the only official contact point for one of the largest, most bizarre mass suicides in human history.

In fact, what’s most surprising about the Heaven’s Gate website is that for all the hundreds of pages of sermons and prophecies and transcripts held within the site and its advertised wares, the bizarre, often incoherent text really doesn’t tell you all that much

And what it does tell you isn’t half as interesting as the people who are doling it out.

–Ashley Feinberg, Gizmodo. For more, visit here.

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  1. Hello, I am Sawyer who was featured on the Inside Edition story.
    For the full interview I gave to Inside Edition I have posted on my youtube channel:

    Sawyer’s interview with Inside Edition on 02 15 2017 – part 1 of 2

    Part 1 of 2: A crew interviewed me and I also recorded it. The report is out and they stimulated a new lie saying there was a room where 4 members left blood stains on the carpet but there was no blood anywhere in the mansion according to reports. And I made a mistake by paraphrasing a bit about how Do questioned his sanity every day after the St. Louis prosecutor made him take a psychological exam to let him out of jail and he passed it so was declared sane.

    Sawyer’s interview with Inside Edition on 02 15 2017 – part 2 of 2

    Part 2 of 2: A crew interviewed me and I also recorded it. The report is out and they stimulated a new lie saying there was a room where 4 members left blood stains on the carpet but there was no blood anywhere in the mansion according to reports. And I made a mistake by paraphrasing a bit about how Do questioned his sanity every day after the St. Louis prosecutor made him take a psychological exam to let him out of jail and he passed it so was declared sane.

    If anyone wants to read my Book – it’s filled with the truth and my interpretation of scripture and is available free on my blog but is an ebook and softcover found at:


    There is a lot to be said that is a new perspective that is included in my book that brings a vast amount of evidence that Ti and Do were the Father and “Jesus” (not his vehicle) returned. Ti and Do and their Crew didn’t spend any time at all trying to show how it all was part of the prophecy fulfillment but I have and it’s all in my book which was planned for this time (though I didn’t know it, but shows up on prophecy)

    I have also been outspoken on many stories over many years and I follow stories with corrections. For instance there were many to Ashley Feinberg’s piece for Gizmodo to be found on:

    Sawyer’s Critique of Heaven’s Gate Webmasters Interview with Gizmodo.com

    Finally, as we come up to the anniversary, the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven that Ti and Do and their “saints” represent are instigating many “signs” as Jesus taught would be in the heavens – Sun, Moon and Stars (planets, comets). Ti and Do are not space aliens. The space aliens are the fallen angel souls who have been abducting humans and implanting them and stealing their eggs and sperm to hybridize new physical bodies they can inhabit and are teaching humans these techniques along with spacecraft design and elemental development to power them. There have been many, many signs as has been led up to in a more major way since 2013 especially with the Near Miss meteors and asteroids and comets with companion objects and comets that look like a formation of 3 to 7 objects. Hale Bopp was determined to have a double nucleus and thus the companion photographed by the Japanese but covered up by the Hawaii observatory.

  2. Nobody should listen to Sawyer, his book is heresy. Nobody’s allowed to add anything to the info They left behind before Exit. Sawyer did. Therefore he’s heretic and shouldn’t be taken in consideration. Read heavensgate.com materials instead, it’s the only source of pure info.

    • So glaive we meet again and you have become a advasary it seems by your choice yet have no evidence I am saying anything Ti and Do didn’t say or Jesus didn’t say or that related to the signs in the heavens at this time. It’s easy to just cast stones. Anyone can do that but can you point to specifics, that takes effort and actually forces us to walk the talk as they say. I’m all for people going to the Heaven’s Gate Web site. My book is full of all the links to all the documents that I refer to all the time. It’s like you think that 19 years with Ti and Do is worth nothing. If you could see how many misconceptions I’ve addressed because of my vast experience you would be flabbergasted. Some of those may actually be more interested in going to the Heaven’s Gate web site now, when otherwise they may never have. And saying that does not mean I am recruiting for Heaven’s Gate as there is no new cult and there is no new leader or Older Member. I am a student working for DO but that doesn’t mean I can do no wrong, make no mistakes so if you see me say something that is different from what you can prove Do said or would say then run it by me. That would be helpful to the Next Level wouldn’t it, that is if you want people to have the most accurate information, some of which isn’t contained in the book posted on heaven’s gate web site. For instance, many people don’t know how much effort Ti and Do put into considering the exit location and method and timing starting in 1975 and it’s not in the Book. Also Ti and Do’s focus was on that graduate class not so much on the “second type” of those who could be salvaged from the recyling as Do spoke about in “Last Chance to Evacuate before Recylcing”. That’s “our” job to help with, for those that choose to tackle it and includes showing how all Jesus prophecy is being fulfilled by Ti and Do. I don’t understand how that can be a negative to the Next Level. To the Luciferians and discarnates that could be a negative and something to try to compete with. You seem to be seething because I don’t think muslims are the “antichrist”, ignoring how Do spoke about muslims as often caring more about pleasing the Lord. Do you recall what Do said? Some Christians seem to go along with this idea, but if you believe in EVERYTHING Ti and Do taught then how can you? Also you had a problem thinking that the Luciferians were engaged in hybridization programs to produce new vehicles they could inhabit, that is if I recall our previous conversations where you start cursing me out when you don’t agree that I have proof of on my blog. Yet Do spoke about their hybridization programs didn’t he, but maybe that part of what Do said you don’t agree with. I’ve got plenty of opposition but I don’t enjoy it but it goes with the territory. Do you really want to be opposed to someone who Do spoke about on the Beyond Human Tapes as an “older member” referring I believe to being an “elder” student. I didnt’ say that about myself. Still I fell from that position so failed to graduate but there are second chances and believe I have one. If Lucifer was given many chances to recover after what he was doing against the Next Level’s wishes, why wouldn’t little ole Sawyer get some second chances. But like I said, show me where I say anything wrong and I’ll examine it and correct it if it is in error.

      • You shouldn’t bother, Sawyer, my comment wasn’t for you, cause I’m done with you, and it’s been a time since. My comment was for those new believers who may come here. It’s like a warning to them.
        On the other hand, somehow I don’t believe you will manage to sell many copies anyway, so… whatever, I guess ^^

  3. I guess, I have to clarify for the public. Do personally approved any document put on the heavensgate.com website. Nobody’s approved the content of Sawyer’s book, except… well, Sawyer himself. Now, it’s up to you to decide which source of info is worth you trust.

    • Glaive, you sound like a fundamentalist Christian that insists that because the Book of Revelations says at the end that nothing can be added to this book, and because it was put as the last book in the New Testament that there can be no further information that can come after that and that any attempt to bring further information would be heretical and this is part of why there was an Inquisition of murder and torture by “Christians” who would say they were killing on God’s behalf. The problem was, it was the wrong God, it was the false God feeding them with that perspective. So how did Ti and Do think about this, you still have not explained. You just say the Do approved of all that was in the Book, but he didn’t say anywhere in that book that this was the only material one could use to learn the truth. In fact in the letters sent to M and S, the webmasters of heavensgate.com who were given the option to maintain the site, etc., that were NOT included in the Heaven’s gate web site/book explained their anticipation of the audio tapes being available for those who want to disseminate their information that included the audio tapes information that was NOT in the book or in the web site, so the public could learn more in depth what they were about. Here are the quotes:

      Directly from the letters that I possess are in quotes below:

      1) “We put into storage items that we would prefer the authorities not have access to. You can do with those items whatever feels right to you. The only exception to this is some exercise equipment which belongs to our landlord, Sam, and we suspect he will want at some point.”

      2) “Pursers have included an additional document as part of this packet that further covers the disposition of our cars and this truck. So we ask that you refer to that document for details. It is out desire that any items of value that are retrievable by you be divided among those who feel inclined to disseminate our information. Any of the funds you retrieve can be used towards that end and for the living expenses of those involving themselves in this project.”

      3) Referring to a CBC producer/director who wanted them (the class) to participate in a documentary, who worked out of the New York office, they wrote, “So, for this reason, we are recommending that they be involved to some degree in the coverage of this event, that is, if their attitude seems to remain somewhat objective and you find working with them not too difficult. Of course, this is contingent upon whether or not you should choose to say anything to the media on our behalf. We would hope that the public would have an opportunity for more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about.”

      They had already published all their books content on their web site, in 1996 well before these letters were written as they were all dated, so what was going to provide a “more thorough knowledge of who we are and what we’re about” if not the content of the 484 audio tapes, 270 or so of which have still not been provided by M & S, though they have indicated they would provide for a cost but last I heard were still withholding which M’s reason for is totally inconsistent with what Do and Crew said in these letters and other places in the audio tapes and in favor of having ALL the information about them available to anyone who wants it.

      Furthermore, there were documents not provided in the Heaven’s Gate web site and book that Rkkody had and provided to include a document Ti wrote and some meditations and affirmations we were given. To see those go to my blog as I provide EVERYTHING as I want everyone to have the total truth. Glaive is angry because he has some very limited views that I confronted him with to which he had no rebuttal based on what Do said. I hope he can outgrow those limitations as I have nothing against him, but I do hate the promotion of lies and deceit and being told I am a heretic WITHOUT EVIDENCE.

      While we are at it, there is also the book Do and Crew published that I have and that I was present when we published and I took that book to bookstores to sell them in Dallas where we lived that is named, “The Transfiguration Diet” that is an amazing diet I am largely using to treat my Lyme disease successfully without the need for pharmaceuticals (not because I’m against using pharmaceuticals and nor were Ti and Do but because I’d rather not). That book is not on the web site and not in their Book nor am I aware of any mention of it, though it may have been spoken of in the audio tapes that M & S refuse to release to the public.

      Now lastly re: my book, to say there is something wrong with researching how all Jesus prophecy supports the events, behaviors and ways provided through Ti and Do and Crew is ludicrous, as if Ti and Do never referred to the Book of Revelations and as if they didn’t say all along what we could count on what was put into “red letters” in the 4 gospel accounts and that Do even said he thought a great deal of that was dictated to students then. Ti and Do both said that the Next Level worked very hard to keep that information in tact and reliable as from the Next Level.

      Additionally, Do provided to our library the “Lost Books of the Bible”, the “Nag Hammadi Library”, the book, “Essene Christian Faith” and other books about the Jewish sect called the Essences that pays special attention to Enoch’s writing who Ti said was one of Do’s incarnations and who Jesus’ disciple Peter also wrote about. In other words, DO was willing to explore lots of materials even though he knew the Jesus gospel quotes were the most reliable.

      My book is following Do’s lead as best I know how and is also supported in prophecy as coming out at this time and anticipates those who will try to bring those of us who provide the truth down as we see being demonstrated here that is a choice to continue.

      Here are some links to more info on this subject to include part of the book that contains interviews with Ti and Do in 1974 and 1976 and a document they wrote that’s included at the end of the book entitled, “What is Happening in the Heavens at This Time” that describes what TI and DO referred to then as “7 Major Helps” when their membership was close to the earth, where: 1=Adam, 2=Enoch, 3=Moses, 4=Elijah, 5=Jesus, 6= Bo and Peep (Do and TI) in the task of the Two Witnesses and finally 7= Starting with what I believe was Do’s acknowledgment of his past incarnation in the vehicle named Jesus that ends the Judgment “Hour” (approx. 40 year period) with his return with his Armada of graduated Elder Students (Saints/Angels) all in their Next Level vehicles and spacecrafts in the book that’s partially provided here:

      The Transfiguration Diet, by littlegreen inc.’s think tank published in 1986. This link is only a report about the use of the Books program but may become filled with excerpts or even the entire volume sometime down the road. Do and Crew described it as an 11 year effort and a “gift from space” but said nothing about TI and DO in it. They wrote that it was “An Extraordinarily advanced “turnaround” concept regarding man and food – health! or disease!

      Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers” was written by Do and the Class in 1979 and never officially published but was made into a little booklet we ended up storing and carrying around in boxes (maybe a hundred copies or so) for years. We never used them for anything I was aware of. I don’t know what became of them.

      Here are three links to one of the 484 audio Tapes of TI and DO’s Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 1 of 3
      Audio Tape of TI and DO Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 2 of 3
      Audio Tape of TI and DO Meeting given in Blackhawk Colorado 3 of 3

      Over 200 others are available.

      Finally as I made reference to, the documents Ti largely wrote:

      • Sawyer, it’s ridiculous.
        Glaive’s not angry at you. Glaive already said he hardly believes you will be able to sell many (if any) copies, anyway. Question remains, why you are so angry at Glaive? Why do you want him to shut up? He never told you to shut up, he just warned the others about you.
        Why are you lying, Sawyer?
        Nobody assigned you to speculate about Book of Revelations, 4 horses of Apocalypse, Bush, Obama and Trump, nobody assigned you to write your own book. Tell me, where it’s been said Do approved your interpretations as being correct? In your dreams again?
        You know, I guess, in the times like these you are basically allowed to do whatever you want, because… Next Level Representative isn’t on Earth anymore, and who can stop you, anyway? Me? Think twice. Really? No way. You consider me THAT important?
        You see me as a threat?
        I’m not a threat, I’m just not promoting your book for the reasons I stated before. You’ve got your little bunch of fanboys already, isn’t it enough for you? Let me stay with my “fundamentalist” beliefs, and let me continue to speak what I feel is right.

        • What kind of a game player are you? Are you Glaive writing this about Glaive? Did I say I was “angry” with you? Show me? I am angry with deceitfulness – what is said that is not true. I never said you should “shut up” – Show me where? I have called you a liar and I am showing where right now in your claims of what I said that I did not say. These are tactics to confuse the truth. I will say that you are acting like a “trickster”, perhaps unintentionally but it has that affect to someone who knows the truth. For instance you wrote, “Nobody assigned you to speculate about Book of Revelations, 4 horses of Apocalypse, Bush, Obama and Trump, nobody assigned you to write your own book.”

          I never said ANYBODY told me to write. What I’ve said was that I began to write soon after the 9/11 attacks and had a dream of TI who approved of my writing, but at that time it had nothing to do with the Book of Revelations. I also talked about how Ti and Do had assigned Dncody to work on a task to do some rewriting of the bible but that I never heard that he got very far with that and he then dropped out some years later. I tossed around what to write and at first shyed away from writing from a biblical perspective and I tried to send samples to several publishers and they wanted nothing to do with it. ( I did try writing in 1997 by the encouragement of an publicist, on a project with the mother of Alxody’s vehicle who I had been close to before and after they laid down their lives and even though we had a book deal just about signed, it was cancelled).

          Finally I thought to write about how what Jesus said was evidence of who Ti and Do said they were and I sought a backer financially and found one, but who backed out some months later even though I wasn’t asking for money at that time, as I had none.

          But having a backer helped me get going on that track and that kept expanding more and more into a nearly complete re-translation and re-interpretation of the Revelation.

          Well into it, I did have a dream with Do who was looking at a board with pieces on it so depicted a strategy and he stopped and looked up at me and said, “I can use you”.

          (A short time before that I had a dream of jwnody and lggody separately communicating with me. Lggody said nothing but Jwnody showed me a line up of people with that thought that these were applying for service and I could be a part of them)

          After the Do dream I had another where I was sitting at a table with Lvvody and Jnnody (Do’s primary “helpers”) and I think Chkody and perhaps another, maybe Evnody but not sure about that and it felt like a follow up on Do’s saying he could use me but I had no other message.

          Meanwhile I was writing so none of this told me what to write. I never claimed that I was given anything specific to write about.

          But then I came upon Rev 5:1 and Rev 10’s Little book and the talk of how John was to prophesy during and/or after the 7th angels trumpet sounded which doesn’t take place until AFTER the TWO and crew are “ascended” back into heaven. And Rev 5:1 showed there were two parts to the BOOK, the primary written from within the throne and the later or “backside” and/or “after” and/or historic backstory behind the front part. The Little Book seemed like confirmation of that other part of the BOOK. And John was to “prophecy before the kings of the earth”. To prophesy means only to “speak publicly” inspired by the Next Level.

          Then I found another indication of such speaking publicly in:

          Rev 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

          This comes after the 144,000 stand on mt. Sion/zion which I believe is the western U.S. as Ti and Do illustrated though I don’t know if that number is accurate but contains different grade levels like Do spoke about as ‘three types” of those who could graduate or be salvaged from the recycling.

          So it dawned on me that this verse was talking about the Middle heaven and relative to the “gospels” that Ti and Do didn’t teach from but DO did start in 1987 when he said that “we need to be who we are” referring to being the return of the ones who were Jesus and his disciples – in other words in that context, not so much in the terminology for the first fruit harvest – showing them together as was done in the 1993 beyond human tapes and the 1994 meeting schedule and then in the 1995 “Undercover “Jesus” Surfaces before Departure” that was focused on the internet – the midheaven. as heaven also means sky and most of the internet is now wireless with satellite interfacing. This became a given with the 1996 book and web site heavensgate.com and then their exit in 1997.

          So that could explain the timing listed in Rev 14:6 but it doesn’t explain the prophecy period During/AFTER the 7th trumpet sounds performed by one or more students of their choice since the Next Level isn’t about specific students performing specific tasks, at least as depicted by a number of other scriptures as evidence of that.

          So I then thought since I fell but was recovering Ti and Do and crew decided they could use me so helped me see a great deal of the translations and interpretations I saw, some of which I still did not get as accurate as I know I could.

          So I don’t know if Do approves of my interpretations but I do feel they, in general became “good enough”.

          I had no dreams that told me I had the right interpretations.

          To think that the Next Level can’t relay help to anyone they want to via dreams is to not know Ti and Do’s mind on the subject. They taught us to try to remember our dreams and said they were used to help us learn lessons so if you were poo poohing them then I suggest you listen to all the audio tapes that are available and perhaps you will hear some talk about dreams like I’m describing.

          You can always ask Ti and Do if Sawyer is working for them.

          I have no “fan boys” and what an insulting way to describe someone who wants to learn more about Ti and Do.

          I am not seeking anyone do promote my book or even believe in anything in it. My task is to put it out there, that’s all. I don’t care if I never sell one but I do care about trying to make them available and through the book stores is one of the best ways so I will provide links to where they can be bought and will make use of the small amount of royalties to further disseminate everything I know Ti and Do have provided in or out of the Heaven’s Gate Book.

          • Glaive Ad'Haage | March 1, 2017 at 10:54 am |

            Why, I guess, you’d be happy if I just shut up, or maybe even take your side, Sawyer, would you?
            Don’t deceive yourself on that matter.
            Strange, I, for instance, want to learn more about Ti and Do, but I’m not your fanboy, since I have no interest in you and your book project, your speculations about Bible, and your feelings about your interpretations being “good enough”. See the difference? And for many years there’s already a Book to study. It was weitten by Do and Class Themselves.
            Your dreams, how can I know for sure? Perhaps you just made up a story about Do coming to you in your dreams. There is no way to verify it.
            That being said, no offense, but…
            Stop being ridiculous.

          • Glaive Question: Why, I guess, you’d be happy if I just shut up, or maybe even take your side, Sawyer, would you?

            Sawyer: I’d be happy if you didn’t make things up you can’t support with evidence from Ti and Do.
            I don’t derive my happiness from those who come to believe and work for Ti and Do so coming to my “side” whatever that means is not on my scope for anyone. If I have a “side” that is being presented that can not be shown to be the “side” of the debate that supports what Ti and Do taught and that includes what Jesus said in the 4 gospels that are also supported by the Revelation prophecy along with the things Ti and Do said and did that can be shown to be contained in those prophecies, then I want to lose that “side” of me, so in that way even those who speak lies about me and what I’m doing can help me to do a better job of showing what Ti and Do said and what Jesus most intended and is being shown to us more now in signs in the heavens.

            Glaive ques:
            Don’t deceive yourself on that matter.
            Strange, I, for instance, want to learn more about Ti and Do, but I’m not your fanboy, since I have no interest in you and your book project, your speculations about Bible, and your feelings about your interpretations being “good enough”. See the difference?

            Sawyer’s reply: See the Difference between me and Ti and Do – yes I’m more clear on that huge gap than I ever way. I have no “fanboy’s” and that’s an insult to others intelligence that you may not know was against Ti and Do’s behavior and ways to allow our of our heads/mouth.

            Even so, I have no desire for you to pay me any mind at all, but if you are going to attack me and what I say/post as you did in this forum then put your ducks in a row, make your case if you want to or say nothing at all, because otherwise it’s empty accusations or finding some twig while swallowing a camel perhaps as Jesus illustrate or being angry with a human kingdom “brother” “without cause” another huge Jesus lesson in the Jesus classroom that certainly followed through into the Ti and Do classroom that I can illustrate in many ways. We had no “gossip” – that’s talking about someone else and especially in a negative way, unless the Older Members gave some the task to help with someone and part of that meant reporting things they said and did, which Do did at times. I know that because I had that task a number of times, with individuals who were acting in ways that indicated they might not have been happy in the classroom.

            Glaives comment:
            And for many years there’s already a Book to study. It was weitten by Do and Class Themselves.
            Your dreams, how can I know for sure? Perhaps you just made up a story about Do coming to you in your dreams. There is no way to verify it.
            That being said, no offense, but…
            Stop being ridiculous.

            Sawyers reply: I don’t tell my dreams to convince you or anyone else of anything. I expect to take what I say with a “grain of salt” with the observations of whether or not it sounds like something we read or heard from Ti and Do or crew. If/when you listen to the many tapes, you will hear things that I have said, said by Ti and Do.

            The dreams were for me. I think I needed them to reach out of the grip of the influences that I allowed to take me out of the class. Maybe it was a mistake sharing some of them. But in my defense, I have not shared them all. And there were a couple new believers who told me of dreams they had with Do in them. One person said Do told he was Do returned and said things that he leveraged against another former classmate. I told him Do wouldn’t come to him that way and wouldn’t use him to set another straight. If Do wanted to set someone strait he has more direct ways of doing so without the recipient who might become the helper of another aware they are helping as otherwise they too easily can be puffed up when they help others.

            Since I had experiences with dreams, having some I suspected highly were influences which were most different than the Ti and the Do and the classmate dreams, maybe they helped me with the experiences of different dreams to be able to offer help to others so they don’t get entrapped by what influences can do in the dreamworld.

            Ti and Do said a number of things about dreams but they are mostly in the tapes I would think. I’d love to see someone transcrib the tapes and provide them.

            I can’t pinpoint when/where Ti and Do might have addressed it but Rkkody did address it saying we don’t get instruction to do something or say something from dreams as that’s exactly one of the tricks of the Luciferians, seemingly started with Paul of Tarsus in whatever that experience he had was.

            The influences that would have us take such experiences as signs of being special don’t at this time have much control over my vehicle. I sometimes hear/see that influences face, but for now at least I can handle that booger. I know that could change if the Next Level wants to test me further in that way.

            It is a little hard for me to imagine being someone with some Christian belief system and some Ti and Do belief system not even curious about what I came up with to show the scriptural evidence that Ti and Do were the return of The Father and “Jesus”.

            But nor do I think anyone needs to see what I came up with. And perhaps others that read what I wrote about that, might related to what I wrote and even see more than what I saw or how I might have missed the mark entirely on some points, which I would love to know about.

            I said “good enough” as my sense of what I wrote that occurred to me many times and especially when I was stumped on a verse. I could spend weeks on one verse and be ready to scrape it and then would feel, it’s good enough, or better said, maybe “close enough” to provide the option of that interpretation. That happened a lot with parts of Daniel’s chapters 7-12.

          • Glaive Ad'Haage | March 1, 2017 at 10:57 am |


            sorry for the typo

          • Glaive Ad'Haage | March 6, 2017 at 10:16 am |

            Sawyer,I’d be happy if YOU didn’t make things up you can’t support with evidence from Ti and Do.
            You don’t have Do’s approval on your Bible interpretations as being correct.
            You are unable to present an evidence to support your claims Do and Crew visited you in your dreams, so it’s possible you just made up a story about it, while having no contact with Them after Exit, at all.
            Which leaves us with an interesting perspective on what your book truly is.

            I’m not making up anything. I’m just questioning your motivations. I knew your reaction even before I posted my very 1st warning, I knew that outburst of your “holy anger” will come, and still I did it, no regrets so far. You are so predictable, Sawyer.
            I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not.

          • you said in a reversal of what I have said all along: “Sawyer,I’d be happy if YOU didn’t make things up you can’t support with evidence from Ti and Do.”

            Sawyers reply:
            Well how about “thou shalt not bring false witness against thy neighbor” which you have done by calling me a heretic. Ti and Do said it as “not being deceitful”. Go read “the 17 Steps” and the “major and lesser offenses” if you want to see that proof from Ti and Do. Ti and Do said those lessons Moses gave were for toddlers to learn.

            you said, “You don’t have Do’s approval on your Bible interpretations as being correct”.

            Sawyer’s reply: Did I say I did. No I didn’t but then that’s not entirely true as I do quote Do and Ti in many places in the Book of Revelations and the Jesus gospels. Do even held a lesson with us where he said Ti was the Revelations chapter 12 “Woman”. And they said they were fulfilling the task of the Two Witnesses in Rev chapter 11 and when I was re-interpretating a number of things even much of what Ti and Do talked about jumped out at me so I wrote it down. For instance Ti said she “remembered the briefing before they came” and Rev chapter 4 & 5 SEEMS to fit to a tee what she described though she mentioned no scripture. But she and Do spoke about the 7th coming close by the Next Level which SEEMS to be described in Rev chapter 19.

            Notice I said SEEMS because on those points I am not sure but believe it to be highly likely and far more likely than the many Christian interpretations I’ve seen, though they are at time seemingly correct to a degree but in a most general way, where because of Ti and Do’s arrival and stay for 25 years we can put many specifics and literal interpretation to it all.

            They also said they were “shot down by the press” and that then made more sense as it says in REV 11 that they are “subdued” (overcome) and then it’s after that when they “separate (greek Apo) by dying (kteino) themselves (auto) after a period of time said as 3 1/2 “days” (time periods).

            I’m providing maybe hundreds of pieces of such evidence in my book.

            Glaive said:
            “You are unable to present an evidence to support your claims Do and Crew visited you in your dreams, so it’s possible you just made up a story about it, while having no contact with Them after Exit, at all.”

            Sawyer’s response: I don’t expect anyone to believe that but I don’t expect anyone to disqualify it either. It doesn’t have to be a burr in your saddle. What has it gotten me to consider that I made it up. Some of the dreams were correcting me. None provided new info. To think I made them up to what…attract followers or to sell more books or whatever has proved to not be a motivation anyone can show evidence of. I don’t even put ads on my youtube channel to gain some pennies from views and I get so few views anyway. If I wanted to generate attention that would be very easy. All I have to do is make up more of a whale of a story about how the cult was evil and that was really meant was some diluted version of what Ti and Do taught. I could have made a misleading title to them book so that some might be drawn to it before knowing what it was composed of. I’m sure I could sell a bunch of ebooks if I just wrote a title saying I lived with Jesus for 19 years or something like that.

            You said, “Which leaves us with an interesting perspective on what your book truly is.
            I’m not making up anything. I’m just questioning your motivations.”

            Sawyer’s reply: To me this gets to the root of why you are questioning my motivations. What did I say or do that gave you reason to question my motivations. And how come it seems nothing I say can hold any weight as the truth? And how come “questioning motivation” of someone takes the form of calling them a heretic in public even and then not saying why.

            Have you never been wrong about something in your life? If not you are now though I’m open to being wrong about certain things I have said and done. I just having been given anything to examine by you. I am sorry that I have not been able to show you my sincerity, despite my shortcomings. Maybe I’m handling what you have said all wrong. That is on my mind now to consider. I’ve handled what you have said at times as fighting fire with fire thinking others who read what you said, if I didn’t respond in my own defense might think I’m not responding because I have no real defense. But maybe now I need to let the chips fall where they may and not feel responsible for what others choose to think about me. If they are thirsty for truth, they will not take just anything they hear as facts while others will as we see happening all over the world. It’s part of having any public exposure that we lay ourselves open for all kinds.

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