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Sergio's Fine Art at Forgotten Barrel Winery Feb. 23, 2019/Olivia Tosic

This week promises a new overload. Michael Cohen testifies for three days before Congress, including a public Wednesday slam-fest. Donald Trump goes on formerly busted heel spurs to Hanoi to hold another fake summit with the evil murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Congress will pass a resolution blocking Trump’s fake national emergency. It goes to the Senate. Former national security advisors from across the political spectrum issue a statement calling the Trump ploy a sham. Trump promises to veto the the resolutions vetoing his actions.

Indictments issued and red lines broken. However, that’s not where we’re at here. In case  you missed it, here’s some local events of interest to consider as the week explodes with national news…

Former North County Times journalist Rusty Harris dies at age 64

Rusty Harris/File

Following veteran journalist Bruce Kauffman’s death last month, Rusty Harris, a colleague at North County Times, died of cancer Feb. 21.

William Russell (Rusty) Harris died at the Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas, where he and his husband, Bill Adams, moved after Harris’ retirement in 2010.

Harris began his 35-year journalism career in his hometown, working as a reporter and desk editor at The Manhattan Mercury from 1977-1981. He spent a year at the Brownsville Herald in Texas as a reporter and then moved to the Dallas area, where he was an editor of the Richardson Daily News from 1982-1987.

He moved to Southern California in 1987 when he got a job as the business editor at the former Blade-Tribune in Oceanside. The newspaper was renamed the North County Blade-Citizen in 1990, and Harris became its managing editor in 1992. When the Blade-Citizen merged with the competing Times Advocate, becoming the North County Times in 1995, Harris continued to serve as managing editor until his retirement.

The preceding paragraphs were written by Tarcy Connors and posted to the San Diego Union-Tribune. An interesting take, Collins actually was Harris’ protege and sometimes editor under him. It’s only the second article she has written in the newspaper. She continued in her obituary:

“No one was hired into Harris’ newsroom until they took “The Mother of All Killer Tests.” There was no way to ace the test, a collection of trivia, math questions, grammar problems and writing exercises. And yes, you needed to name all Seven Dwarfs,” Collins said.

Tarcy Collins/UT

“When not in the newsroom or at his favorite recreational spot, Disneyland, Harris often found peace — and sometimes grace — in his gardens, a blessing he shared with others. ‘He gave me some flowering bulbs many years ago and I told him recently that they always remind me of him when they bloom each spring,’ said Laura Groch, who was an editor at the North County Times. ‘He replied, “‘Well, that’s the idea.’”

Harris is survived by his husband; his mother, Wanda White Harris of Manhattan, Kan.; his brother, Richard (Carol) Harris; his sisters, Shirley (Bill) O’Neill-Candillo of Kearny, Mo., and Sandy Harris of Manhattan; and several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his father, who died May 11, 2014.

A service will be held at the Sedalia Community Church in Manhattan, Kan., and Harris will be buried at Sedalia Cemetery.

Gallery opens at Escondido winery to popular acclaim

Pop artist Sergio Gutierrez held a Saturday, Feb. 22 grand opening for his latest public venture, an art gallery at the Forgotten Barrel Winery, formerly Ferrara Winery at 1120 W. 15th Ave., Escondido. Check its website for winery hours and other information.

Sergio’s Fine Art, as its called, hosted a high-spirited event by all accounts, rock and forgoten wine barrel rolling into the night.

Sergio’s Fine Art had a fine weekend/Facebook

“Epic evening of incredible music, art, familiar friends and new connections,” said Lorraine Bliss, a longtime friend and yoga studio owner. “When you watch someone conquer their dreams with a never give up attitude and constantly expanding their vision by continually creating fearlessly – THAT is INSPIRATION! Thank you Sergio for being YOU and so blessed for our forever friendship.”

Sergio’s Fine Art had a fine time at Forgotten Barrel Winery Saturday, Feb. 23/Facebook

Gutierrez also used the occasion to raise some funds for a stricken child. “My favorite part is raising the $22,600 off of the John Lennon piece and donating 100 percent of it to a baby boy born four months ago that has never gained consciousness,” he said. “He’s fighting for his life and I hope the little man pulls through so that he can experience life and the amazing people, like you, that he will meet along the way.”

Gutierrez added of the opening: “I have tears of joy at the moment…endless thank you’s from me to you..”

The artist has used his performing arts career to heavily influence his practice of painting and creating a wide range of pieces in the styles of abstraction, conceptual art, new realism, and photo realism. Being a self taught artist picking up a brush in the beginning of 2011, his paintings, with their striking contrasts, colorful patterns, and exuberantly painted imagery, give the expression of his high positivity and passion for the arts in many different forms. Interested in painting portraits and nude themes.

Amber Dubois, Chelsea King remembered

KGTV, Channel 8 ran an in-depth retrospective on two young women who were abducted and murdered a decade ago by the notorious John Gardner.

Amber Dubois and Chelsea King went missing from North County San Diego neighborhoods 10 and 9 years ago respectively this month. The disappearances resulted in massive search efforts and an outpouring of community support.

Since 2010, according to KGTV, Amber’s mother Carrie McGonigle has honored her daughter by participating in searches for missing children and adults using search-and-rescue dogs. In 2011, Carrie and her dog located the remains of a local nursing student in Northern California. Carrie said her daughter would have said, “you go, mom!”

Starting in 2011, Chelsea’s parents Brent and Kelly have organized a yearly 5K race called “Finish Chelsea’s Run” which raises money for the Chelsea’s Light Foundation, which provides scholarships to college-bound teens. 2019’s race is scheduled for March 2.

The Kings also championed California’s Chelsea’s Law which increased punishments for sex offenders and put mandates in place for stronger oversight of sex offenders.

In 2014, Chelsea’s brother Tyler King honored his sister’s memory with a documentary he made called “Chelsea’s Light: A Brother’s Journey.

For the complete retrospective report, visit here.

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