Sergio Gutierrez going out with a big bash

Sergio Gutierrez plays the guitar besides his paintings at Forgotten Barrel Winery, Escondido./Facebook

Turn out the lights, the party is over for Sergio Gutierrez, a San Diego local musician and acrylic artist. Gutierrez has been painting playing music in his studio on the grounds of Forgotten Barrel Winery at 1120 West 15th Ave Escondido, CA 92025 for over a year now. He intends to bring it all to an end with an art-and-music bash there from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020.

The Forgotten Barrel occupies the former Ferrara Winery site designated a California historic point of interest in the 1970’s and a historic site by the city of Escondido in 1989. The winery was established in 1886 as one of San Diego County and Southern Califorina’s first wineries.

“Having had the studio and guests from the winery interact has been so much fun,” Gutierrez, 32, said. “This weekend is about showing them what I am about. I am so grateful for the community’s support and appreciation for the art.”

Gutierrez says he wants everyone to be part of the final day’s experience. He intends to put on a music-and-art-filled extravaganza.

Sergio Gutierrez at his Escondido gallery./Courtsy

“If you have had your eye on one of his paintings,” Gutierrez said, “Sunday is the day to come and get it. The event will feature a silent auction of many of my original masterpieces and prints. We fully intend to get this art off the walls and into peoples hands.”

Gutierrez added: “I was humbled at the beginning of the year to be invited in to the winery and looking back over the year I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I don’t quit; This is has been a great 12 months, and my best days are ahead of me”

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