Valley View Casino Buffet | Valley Center

Last month my mom had the great idea to treat Jake and I to “free” buffet at Valley View Casino. I’m sure she planned this out carefully. Mom gets a ride to the casino while Jake and I get to feast! Normally the buffet (which features lobster!) costs $32.99 on the weekends so this was a DEAL. Thanks, Mom, for being a big time player….

Celebrate Dad’s Day in the dad’s way

Come, on man. Even dads need a little love, stoic as they may seem, so how about doing something on Father’s Day, which is Sunday, June 19 this year. Dads love to roar, so why not roar with the animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, especially with food thrown in the man cave. A special Father’s Day buffet takes place at 11:30 a.m….

Money Pit Drive Thru, San Marcos

 Jake and I were up in the Northland (aka North County) for a little errand. The little errand took much longer than we though it would and it was quite late by the time we got around to eating dinner. I did some Yelpy research and found a place called The Money Pit Drive Thru and decided to go there because the name sounded rad….

Eating ‘The Sandwich’ inside Roma Market

Thank you for stopping by to read mmm-yoso!!!, a blog about food.  The episode you are about to read takes you to Escondido, where Cathy has ventured. Kirk and Ed(from Yuma) are out and about enjoying more exotic places.  Heading back to the 15 freeway on Valley Parkway, there is a mall at the Northeast corner. Just behind the McDonald’s, this signage looked familiar. It…

‘Unknown Eatress’ visits well-known local craft brewery made of Stone

About nine years ago, I was wined and dined by a owner of Escondido’s largest brewery. As one of his eight guests I was adorned with impeccable, delectable hors doerves, entree and an array of tasty deserts with very unusual ingredients that made my pallet sing The evening ambiance was spectacular and lit to perfection. The service was fun and exceptional. Success of the brewery…

A Drive North — Smokey’s Lake Wohlford Cafe, an appreciation and review

Thought I’d get out my East County posting “rut” and still stay within San Diego County, which is about 4,200-square-miles. I had a long story about how we got here, but will leave that for another time. Let’s just say “The Mister” and I drove through Escondido to Valley Center, picked up some meat by the side of the road, still $35, and then stopped at Bates Nut Farm…