‘Unknown Eatress’ visits well-known local craft brewery made of Stone

Yes, the Unknown Eatress.

About nine years ago, I was wined and dined by a owner of Escondido’s largest brewery. As one of his eight guests I was adorned with impeccable, delectable hors doerves, entree and an array of tasty deserts with very unusual ingredients that made my pallet sing

The evening ambiance was spectacular and lit to perfection. The service was fun and exceptional. Success of the brewery has been epic and expansive.

As a local resident I have continued to entertain guests at the brewery to recall the delightful share.

Last night, after a full day at The Escondido Street Faire, I wanted to relax with my colleague and have dinner outside at the brewery .

We happily entered the sparse hostess area to be met with”how many?”  I said, “Two, we would like to relax outside and enjoy the cool weather.”

The hostess with the leastest, curtly said, “Thirty-minute wait unless you go to one of our two bars.”

Nobody was waiting to be seated.

We wandered back to check out the bar. It was fairly busy and noisy with people shouting their orders to the bartender. This was not what we had in mind, and wandered into the dining areas only to see an abundance of empty tables.

I caught the ear of a familiar waitress and asked her why the hostess would not seat us. She said the hostess runs her own game.

We returned to the hostess and politely explained we did not want to dine in the bar, so she threw her arm in the air and bid adieu.

Without further ado, we were high-tailing it to the car.

Past as prologue

We had stopped in a week earlier around 6:30 on a busy Saturday night when the lobby was packed. My friend and I were promptly seated at a table for two outside http://www.the-inbetween.netnear the walking trail entrance.

Noisier than I remembered, but the Brussels sprouts the kind waitress recommended were scrumptious. Our steak was tender. A very long wait for service, but we weren’t in a hurry, and didn’t mind several hours while tasting a delightful array of flavors.

I don’t know why I was raving about this place now. It’s very noisy, pricey, and down right stone cold.

Good news In-Between

We won’t look back ’cause we ended up at The In-Between Pizzeria & Grill on Mission Road, just across from Mission Hills High School

We were greeted by Scott, the owner, while he was pouring pitchers of cold beer along with the delightful aroma of pizza. I ordered the chicken breast salad with his own Italian dressing and my friend had his favorite, the In-Between Burger, cooked to perfection.

The only noise was the sound of the games on flat screens and customers being greeted warmly.

For more about the In-Between, visit http://www.the-inbetween.net or call (760) 744-0525.