March 3 primary

50th Cong. Dist. candidates square off

Presenting, for your “viewing pleasure,” the Fox 5 News recording of the Friday, Feb. 7, Valley Center debate among the top four candidates to replace the disgraced Duncan Hunter as representative of California’s 50th Congressional District. Candidates include Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar who came within a few thousand votes in 2018 of beating Hunter in a district rated R+11 in party registration by Cook Political Report….

Measure ‘A’ gets crunked with endorsements

San Diego County Measure A, Voter Approval For Land Use Amendments to County General Plan probably sounds more than a little wonky. However, it is a measure that affects regional housing, transportation  and development in a profound way; and is on the March 3 primary ballot. Supporters refer to it in a somewhat more people-friendly manner as “Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside (SOS) Citizens’ Initiative.”…

3 carpetbaggers infest the 50th Cong. District

As a 25-year veteran of California’s 50th Congressional District, we’ve seen a lot of the strangest political stuff possible. This ain’t your standard issue power to the people kind of place. It’s been more like a political cesspool represented by the worst bottom feeders imaginable. Think about it. Dear old Randy “Duke” Cunningham, top gun and top corruption felon, who parlayed his 50th stewardship into…