Time to check out Thyme in the Ranch

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Thyme in the Ranch – Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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16905 Avenida De Acacias
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
(858) 759-0747

I’ve been feeling quietly blessed the last few weeks. Those are the best blessings. My mind tends to race when I get nervous or when stress takes over. Often times I feel I’m sinking but then feel strong hands grabbing under my armpits to lift me back up.

A good friend is getting married at the end of the year and we wanted to catch up over lunch. Her thoughts and wisdom have meant a lot to me. She suggested Thyme in the Ranch as the weather was sunny and beautiful one particular afternoon

I’ve heard of this small cafe in Rancho Santa Fe but didn’t know exactly where in the Ranch it was located. Parking is hard to find in this town.

There are no designated parking lots. I saw green lined curbs and was confused. I believe the green curbs signify 2 hour max parking times for street parking.


Thyme in the Ranch wasn’t easy to find as it’s covered with beautiful plants and flowers. They have two entrances (one in front and one to the side).

There’s a display of all their sweet/savory pastries and pre made cold items.


The interior resembles a comfy cottage. My friend was waiting for me at a table by the window when I arrived. There’s also outdoor seating which I would try next time as the fresh air was abundant and amazing that day.

You place your order with the cashier, pay, and they bring your order to your table.

We were given ice waters and a table display (ours was purple) for the server to know which table was which.


Don’t you hate it when a friend orders a dish that’s better than yours. This tuna salad was beautifully presented with fresh avocado, sprouts over a slice of bread, strawberries, jicama, cucumbers, and a side vinaigrette. It was a nice portion for $13.25. The tuna salad tasted bland.


The portion size wasn’t bad. The sandwich came with a small side of macaroni salad.

There was ample avocado and a few slices of delicious crispy bacon. The sliced turkey tasted a bit dry. The multi grain bread was herby and fresh. It was an ok sandwich that needed more mayonnaise or condiment spread.

Friend had paid for lunch so I wanted to treat for coffee and a pastry. We still hadn’t caught up on wedding details and other topics so we were trying to buy more time.


I requested the latte to be made breve. The half and half was steamed nicely and there was quite a bit of light foam on top. The coffee itself tasted a bit bitter but the milk helped soften that.


I HAD to order this muffin as the muffin top was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. It overflowed over the tiny muffin stump (does anyone else hate muffin stumps).

Unfortunately, the muffin top tasted bitter and unpleasant. I’m not sure if it was burnt sugar or burnt bran? It was difficult to eat. I wouldn’t order this again. I’d try a sweeter fruit muffin in the future.

There’s a simplicity to Thyme in the Ranch that was comfortable. There was a variety of customers (from older women, to equestrian riding people, to private high school kids) who seemed to visit that day. I thought the food was ok but nothing spectacular. We strolled the town afterwards and found a restaurant that we’ll be trying one day for happy hour. I’d recommend Thyme in the Ranch if you were in the area.

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