Where in the world is Skylar Peterson Tosic?

Missing! Help find Sky.

Skylar Peterson Tosic was last seen Aug 30, 2015. Please contact Escondido Police with info: (760) -839-4722 Or his family at (760) 705-5901 @FindSkylarTosic.

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, has passed, and Skylar Peterson Tosic still is nowhere in sight. He’s gone, but not forgotten.

“This has been the longest 10 months I have ever been through,” Olivia Tosic, his mother, said then. “Sky has been missing 10 months exactly now, and although I am a firm believer in ‘independence,’ I don’t believe Sky is in a situation where he is independent. I’m sure he sleeps with one eye open wherever he is and all I ask is a phone call from my boy saying he is alive and well.”

Leads have been few and far between. None have proved fruitful in the least.

“He could be in any area, any state and possibly out of the country,” Olivia Tosic, said. “I have got to find my son.”

The search continues, now in cyberspace, under #SkylarPetersonTosic and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HelpFindSkylarPetersonTosic/.

“Praying for your safety and well being, Sky, always,” his mother continued on Facebook. “Everyone else be on the lookout for Skylar. If you spot him, take pics and send them to me…Thanx and Happy Independence Day to all.”

Olivia Tosic is a popular Escondido music blogger, entertainment writer and publicist at The Rockin’ Rag. Her boyfriend is well-known Escondido musician Ukulele Ray who posted on his Facebook page a missing persons flyer for Tosic and statement.

“We’re deeply concerned about his health and safety,” Ray said “We know that this is in God’s hands, and need your prayers and help in getting the word out to bring Sky safely home. Any resources or information you have that could help us locate Sky, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your prayers and support,”

On Aug. 30, 2015; Tosic, 21, wandered off the Palomar College campus and disappeared seemingly into thin air. The mild-mannered student, known for a carefree spirit and musical tastes was last believed to be near the Wild Animal Park somewhere around the San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve that features broad farms and imposing cliffs.

“Skylar met two males at Palomar College, who we believe have some ‘spiritual’ beliefs,’” Olivia Tosic said. “We don’t know what those beliefs are. They go by the names Thaddeus and Eli.

“Skylar took an Uber to meet up with these guys, texted me that they invited him vacationing,” his mother said on Facebook. “He said they had passports and were ‘connected’(????). My son left with no ID, no wallet, no $$$$…. I’ve been terrified since his odd disappearance. Keep eyes and ears open.”

Before disappearing seemingly into the thin San Pasqual Valley air, Tosic reportedly engaged in a series of troubling behaviors. First, he lost a great deal of weight and went from being an attentive, engaged youth to a detached person espousing questionable religious ideology.

Just before disappearing, Tosic called a close relative whom he hadn’t spoken to in years, citing obscure scripture. Tosic told the relative he wouldn’t be talking to him again.

If you see something, say something.

If you see something, say something.

Tosic apparently took an Uber ride just before Aug. 30 to a spot along the highway near the park, about six miles east of downtown Escondido on the road to Ramona. There, he got out and disappeared.

Sometime later, Tosic was found dehydrated and passed out in a bed at San Pasqual Academy, a residential education campus for foster teens about five miles from the Wild Animal Park. He was returned home where he disappeared again two weeks ago.

Escondido police last year said they believed Sky had left of his own free volition and apparently stopped looking for him. However, police furnished no further details, saying only that they found the disappearance disturbing, but not something they could pursue further.

That’s not good enough.

Sky Tosic is 5’11”, 100 pounds with hazel eyes and light brown hair. He has mouth braces and acne. Anybody with any information about his whereabouts or conditions is asked to contact Escondido Police at (760) 839-4722.

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