Duncan Hunter ‘Op-Ed’ annotated

Rep. Duncan Hunter removes a sign that says "lock him up" that was placed on the windshield of his car by a protestor, as he leaves an arraignment for campaign finance fraud Thursday at San Diego Federal Court/Gregory Bull

[Editor’s note: Hard to believe the congressman from grift-ville can see through his alcoholic and federally ordered drug testing haze to compose an op-ed piece, meager and ridiculous as it is, but there you have it. USA Today did the dishonor of publishing “Duncan Hunter: Evidence will trump political agendas” without even the courtesy of identifying it as a satirical take. Here it is, annotated by The Grapevine in boldface and brackets for coherence and accuracy.]

After two years of investigating, the Justice Department waited to file an indictment against me until right before my election: Opposing view by Duncan Hunter

“I believe in our American system of justice, but it becomes poisoned when those within the Department of Justice have a political agenda.”

[Yeah, Trump-appointed prosecutors who brought 60 counts of campaign finance fraud in a 47-page indictment against Hunter and his wife Margaret, issued at San Diego Federal Court, had the political agenda of trying to ruin the second congressman who endorsed Donald Trump for president. Jealous? Double-agents? Maybe ‘Q’ is behind this? All of the above?]

“One of our nation’s guiding principles is that those tasked with enforcing the law would do so in an unbiased manner, allowing evidence to lead any investigation. This is not the case today. The fact is that there is a culture operating within our Justice Department that places a higher value on politics than the rule of law.”

[Evidence? You mean like $60,000 the Hunters repaid his campaign fund when first admitting to misusing campaign funds to pay for the likes of trips, clothes, school tuition, In-and-Out Burgers, tequila shots, plane rides for pet bunny rabbits? Evidence like credit card bills, testimony from campaign accountants, photos and documents? Politics above law? Trying to imagine the motives for politically harming Hunter. Perhaps it’s his darn vaping. Maybe, he’s been too good a representative considering over a decade in office and zero legislative accomplishments. The only legislation he passed on his own was a “sarcastic” amendment to a defense spending bill calling for girls to be drafted. He voted against it as it passed into law. Or, as noted above, Trump-appointed prosecutors have gone all ‘Q’ with their hidden agendas.]

“We are seeing this with President Donald Trump; we are seeing this with my case. After two years of investigating, the Justice Department waited to file an indictment against me until right before my election. During this time, I have made myself available to cooperate with this investigation in any manner, but I have not been given even one opportunity to answer any questions, address any issue, or counter any allegations against me.”

[OK, when were they supposed to issue the indictments; last year, last month, the month after the election, never. Generally, prosecutors issue indictments when they’re ready. Yeah, perhaps they should have issued the indictments earlier, before the primary, sparing the Republican Party the embarrassment, not to mention the opportunity to nominate someone else, not implicated in $250,000 campaign finance fraud. However, THAT would have been “political.”]

“The department’s action’s reveal their true intent. Consider this: Overwhelming evidence indicated that Hillary Clinton took direct action to circumvent investigations into her campaign, she was interviewed and no action was taken.”

“After two years of investigation into my campaign, I have never been interviewed and they decided to prosecute. Additionally, three prosecutors, two of whom are directly involved this case, attended a Democratic fundraiser at a private home in La Jolla in 2015, one of whom was the individual whose name appears on the indictment.”

[With a paper trail like that, about what would Hunter be interviewed? Maybe, he wanted to answer questions like where is a great place to get 30 expensive shots of tequila and a steak. How to arrange visits to US Naval facilities while in Italy on campaign donor dollars. How best to get your get bunny rabbits booked on flights and in the air for family outings. Don’t fret dude, plenty of time to give the whazzup on all that during the trial. As for the private fundraiser, false, and par for the course.]

“My constituents can recognize a political agenda when they see it, and they can disregard empty rhetoric when they hear it. I am looking forward to taking this to court.”

[Yeah they do, and it’s always been yours. That empty rhetoric projection is rich. We could say more, but aside from one disastrous Ramona town hall in 10 years, and living full-time in Washington, or on vacation; or ducking constituents and unfriendly news media inquiries aside, constituents have precious little to go on as far as YOUR political agenda. Other than vaping, day-drinking, tearing student art down from walls, and malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance, which is a thing.]

“I fought for our nation against terrorists in the Marine Corps. I fight for my constituents in the halls of Congress. I will fight this in the same manner and with the same level of determination because I believe in what I am fighting for and still have faith that evidence and the rule of law will trump political agendas and bias.”

[Ah-ha, playing the military card. That’s what made it so special that the Hunters bought Hawaiian shorts under the heading of golf balls for wounded veterans and some of the more amazing purchases and excuses spelled out in Chris Cillizza’s great “The 30 most astounding moments in Rep. Duncan Hunter’s 47-page indictment” As for Hunter’s current military service, according to Kris Goldsmith, founder and chairman of High Ground Veterans Advocacy, who said his group tried to lobby Hunter for veterans relief, but got the run-around: “I’ve been told that (Hunter) remains in the Marine reserves and that he should be reporting to duty accordingly in the Washington DC area — but he never actually shows up for duty.” As for fighting for constituents in the halls of Congress, was that before, or after, Hunter voted to raise constituent taxes through disallowing state income tax deductions on federal tax bills. Why punish the rest of the nation because California is stupid?” Hunter said. As for the rest of Hunter’s assertions, hahaha, good ones…]

“Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Republican, represents California’s 50th District.”

[Not for long. For more on the person replacing Hunter, contact Ammar Campa-Najjar for Congress.]

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