Hey hey, HO HO, Duncan Hunter’s gotta go

Founding member of the “Bro Caucus” Duncan Hunter blowing from a vaporizer during House Transportation Committee meeting./File

Duncan Hunter was named filthiest grifter in Congress by the non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), but his son Duane — who started going by the same Duncan Hunter name to fool voters in 2008 — seems to have outdone his father.

After three decades of like-father-like-son criminal grift, voters in California’s 50th Congressional District finally, at long last, have a legitimate opportunity to throw out the bum(s).

Vote for Ammar Campa-Najjar as if your life depended on it because it does.

Number one reason to vote against Hunter is his 60-count federal indictment for the criminal grift of illegally using at least $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses.

Everybody knows the drill by now: Expenses included video games, a $14,000 trip to Italy where he tried to arrange a Navy base visit to cover his ass, was turned down and called them idiots; school fees, dental visits, lots of expensive restaurants, hotel rooms, plane ride for his pet bunny rabbit, jewelry, clothing, Disneyland, and much, much more. See Doug Porter’s accounting on Aug. 18 for more on this mind-blowing topic.

Hunter’s campaign has spent about $615,000 on legal fees since 2017 compared to about $600,000 on his campaign, according to reports with the Federal Election Commission. He has refused to debate Campa-Najjar and has run a low-profile campaign, choosing to speak to smaller groups and rarely talking to the media.

Campa-Najjar has raised more than $1 million compared to about $815,000 by Hunter, according to recent campaign finance reports.

Hunter is hazardous to your health

However, so many reasons Hunter is hazardous to our health are jumping out from under Hunter’s rock, that it’s difficult to know where to begin in calling out his danger to 50th District voters, the nation and the planet.

Consider this: Hunter does not “believe” climate change is real. The UN issued a comprehensive scientific report this week saying, in essence, humanity had 10 years at best to reverse climactic change conditions or face the prospects of near-extinction.

“Republican Duncan Hunter might be most extreme at the other end of the spectrum,” environmental analyst Sarah Mosko said. “Though he is not currently co-sponsoring the Stopping EPA Overreach Act, he did co-sponsor an identical bill in the last Congress (HR 3380). Along with Republican Darrell Issa, Hunter also voted for nullifying the Clean Power Plan in the last Congress.”

Hunter returns for a while to Congress, even for the short time before he is convicted and expelled — he’s already been forced off every committee by Republican leadership due to his corruption indictments — he’ll support all the insane Trump Administration measures to increase pollution, radiation, methane in the air and kill all environmental regulations helping us fight climate change.

Hunter’s military lie

For another matter, Hunter claims to be an outstanding Marine and often uses that as one of his main calling cards. In fact, Hunter has shirked his military duties for years.

Kris Goldsmith, founder and chairman of High Ground Veterans Advocacy, who said his group tried to lobby Hunter for veterans relief, but got the run-around, said: “I’ve been told that (Hunter) remains in the Marine reserves and that he should be reporting to duty accordingly in the Washington DC area — but he never actually shows up for duty.”

What’s more, Hunter’s indictments for campaign finance fraud said he bought Hawaiian shorts under the heading of golf balls for wounded veterans, and claimed other wounded veteran contributions for personal purchases. For more of Hunter-related lies relating to his behavior, visit Duncan Hunter ‘Op-Ed’ annotated.

However, that’s just the iceberg, pardon the climate-related thought, of Hunter’s backwards and dangerous thinking and actions.

It’s lonely being Duncan Hunter right now/File

Monday, Sept. 24; key date in the Hunter insanity reveal

Consider this chain of events that began Sept. 24 with patriotic citizens calling out Hunter as he entered the San Diego Federal Courthouse.

Before the morning was out, a federal judge granted Hunter’s attorneys more time to to go through documents and discovery materials before going to trial. U.S. District Judge Thomas Whelan set the next status conference for  Dec. 3, pushing the trial until after the November midterm elections.

Hunter’s attorney, Gregory Vega, according to accounts, asked Whelan for additional time to go through FBI documents and other discovery materials before going to trial. He referenced two terabytes of files that are in discovery for the case. Vega told the judge three weeks ago he needed more time. Whelan told Hunter and his lawyers that he is expected to be present at every hearing in the case.

Hunter went from the courthouse to a private campaign rally, liberals need not attend, at Ramona, in the heart of his remaining political base back country turf.

Echoing his widely panned campaign ad attacking Campa-Najjar as a “radical Islamist” — 70 former national security and foreign policy officials signed a letter calling Hunter a lying xenophobe as a result — Hunter said Campa-Najjar was part of a secret radical effort to infiltrate the government.

“You have more Islamists run this year at the federal level than ever before in U.S. history,” Hunter added.


Hunter followed that up by saying the Trump-appointed DOJ leaders were “corrupt” and Deputy Attorney General, and Republican, Rod Rosenstein, was “part of a ‘coup’…going on since before he [Trump] was even elected.”

Ken Stone of Times of San Diego reported Hunter touched on numerous topics during his appearance, including his congressional opponent, the border wall and a political “coup” that is attempting to undermine Trump.

“I don’t care about Trump’s personal stuff,” said Hunter, the second congressman to endorse Trump for president. The first to endorse, Chris Collins of New York, also is under federal indictment, for insider stock trading, and running for re-election after first saying he would drop out of the race.

“I really don’t,” Hunter continued addressing Trump. “He’s not my pastor. I want someone who kicks ass and doesn’t take names and rolls through that front gate … That’s what Trump does — right up the middle.” He added that Trump “understands the only way to fix something so broken as our system is, is to break it totally.”

Hunter supported Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court justice because Kavanaugh “represents everything we stand for. This is worth fighting for.” We’re not even going to go there since everyone saw what happened with that one.

Hunter called Trump’s border wall, “a national security issue…nothing to do with illegal immigration. It’ll stop, but it doesn’t have to do with illegal immigration … If a family with kids can sneak right across the border, then a trained Palestinian terrorist can definitely get across the border.”

Deflecting any consideration of Russian election interference, Hunter, instead, accused the U.S. of committing election interference.

“The Russians put ads on Facebook,” Hunter said Sept. 24. “Do you know what we do as America? We interfere in almost every non-free election in the world,” Hunter said, adding the U.S. has meddled in elections in Russia, Asia, the Middle East and “all of South and Central American elections.”

On the home front, Hunter voted for double taxation of California residents, through the GOP tax scam bill, saying in an Oct. 27 KUSI-TV interview, “Why punish the rest of the nation because California is stupid… I’m not gonna keep the economy down for the whole country because California, New Jersey, New York, and other states that have horrible governments.”

As for welfare reform, Hunter said, “you know the only people not working don’t want to work and are taking taxpayer money to sit home and watch TV and not work…the people on welfare right now don’t want to work, we’re going to reform welfare so that they have to work if they want to get it.”

Hunter said he favored the use of “tactical nuclear devices” in Iran in order to “set them back a decade or two or three.” He said he favored shooting down North Korean missiles “on takeoff,” adding, “You shoot down their missiles on takeoff. It wouldn’t be an act of war. Maybe. Could be interpreted like that…You shoot down the North Korean missiles in boost phase, that’s how you solve North Korea right now.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter vaping during a House committee meeting where he advocated allowing people to vape on airplanes/File

As for Hunter’s personal behavior

If all the above weren’t enough, Hunter has been a national laughingstock for years. He vaped during a congressional hearing to accentuate his point that vaping was good for you, and should be allowed on airplanes. He boasted of vaping at airports. He also sponsored a bill to provide vaping materials to active military members and represented a vaping company while congressman at vaping conventions, saying online he received payments or services for doing so.

On March 28, 2017, along with some 265 Republican members of Congress, Hunter voted to repeal a set of Obama-era privacy rules that would have stopped internet service providers (ISPs) from selling personal browsing data to advertisers without consent.

As a result, Ashley Feinberg, of Deadspin/Splinter, took a peek behind the curtain of some of Hunter’s online dealings or, as Hunter was known to the bodybuilding and vape enthusiast forums of the net, “uberjaeger.”

Hunter specialized online in weird, rambling stories, with odd references to Freud and no apparent point. In a typical thread titled “San Diego Chargers and the Pen Style,” uberjaeger contributed this:

And then there’s the matter of Hunter and the Bro Caucus as revealed by Wonkette in the Grapevine earlier this year.

“Former staffers to Hunter said he and his lawmaker friends — dubbed the “bros caucus” by his aides — would regularly go to the Capitol Hill Club, a Republican hangout, to drink beer, sometimes during the day,” veteran political reporter Rebecca Schoenkopf, known as Wonkette, said. “Congressional aides have recounted to POLITICO at least two stories of recent official meetings where lawmakers questioned whether Hunter was intoxicated.”

Enough already

There’s plenty more reasons to get rid of this criminal grifter. His sole significant piece of legislation during 10 years in office was what he termed a “sarcastic” amendment to the Defense Department funding bill calling for 18-year-old women to register for the draft. He voted against it. However, his amendment passed with majority Democrat support.

Hunter also has been cited for numerous affairs revealed in the DOJ indictment as at least five women were said to have been with him at overnight hotel stays and other venues.

The congressman from Bro’ville also has refused over the years to hold town hall meetings. Practically, his only in-person meeting in the last 10 years was a disastrous affair at Ramona in March 2017, which featured the following points made by him, including:

Deep state. Thousands of Obama appointees trying to take down Donald Trump from the inside as part of an Orwellian government that controls us.

An intelligence community, FBI and Department of Justice “that have been infiltrated by seditious Obama folks that want to go after the President.”

Defending Judeo-Christian values that we have in this country. And then there’s “The Hunter Plan” for US security: “It’s called you kick ass and you leave.”

And there’s even more, many more reasons to get rid of this criminal grifter; too many more to go into here, considering the length of this piece. But you know…

Rep. Duncan Hunter removes a sign that says “lock him up” that was placed on the windshield of his car by a protestor, as he leaves an arraignment for campaign finance fraud Thursday at San Diego Federal Court/Gregory Bull

Bottom line: Whether you’re conservative or liberal, the issue here is honesty and competent representation. Hunter is an incompetent, dumbass grifter. It’s time for him to go. Vote for Ammar Campa-Najjar on Nov. 6.

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