Grifter Duncan Hunter’s pyrrhic victory

Rep. Duncan Hunter exiting San Diego Federal Court on Sept. 24, a busy day for him pushing back the start of his campaign finance fraud to December before addressing a select group of followers later that day at Ramona/Facebook

Criminal grifter Duncan Duane Hunter Jr. stole his latest election metaphorically speaking since it was, at best, the epitome of a pyrrhic victory, defined as a victory “won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.”

Fact is, Hunter’s 9 percentage point victory over Ammar Campa-Najjar means only that the 50th Congressional District will NOT be represented during the initial part of 2019, and until the time Hunter, and his wife, are convicted of 60 federal charges for stealing at least $250,000 of campaign funds to use for personal purposes. At that time, Hunter will be kicked out of Congress and taxpayers will have to front the cost of a special election to replace his sorry ass.

Hunter only ran to be able to continue using campaign donor funds for his criminal defense attorneys. The 50th District with its 2-1 Republican to Democratic registration advantage represented one of the few remaining districts in California where a yellow dog with a red GOP bonnet could win, and win despite being federally indicted for corruption.

Grifter Hunter was worthless anyway

Not like Hunter ever did anything for the district in 10 years. He passed nothing except his self-described “sarcastic” amendment to a defense spending bill calling for women to sign up for the military draft, and voted against his own amendment to boot.

Otherwise, nada, bupkes, nothing, except, as the federal indictments show, wasting campaign donor money on affairs, trips, pet bunny flights, and all the rest of the sordid details spelled out in 47 pages of documented disgrace. For more, please visit “Duncan Hunter is a man on the brink”.

Just as Hunter has done nothing for the district while grifting plenty for himself in the last 10 years, the next few months in Congress, hard to believe, will mean his doing even less than nothing.

Hunter already has been thrown off every congressional committee, and that was by his own Republican leadership. He will never have another committee assignment again, ever.

Otherwise, Hunter will have zero influence or power. He is a pariah to Republicans as well as Democrats. Who on Capitol Hill will dare work with this racist grifter on anything. Not worth the political and ethical blowback.

Hunter can’t even grift for himself anymore since he is now under legal scrutiny. Even this mental midget knows he is under the legal and public spotlight. So, no more late night Uber rides to visit his many mistresses identified by numbers-only in the federal indictment.

All Hunter has left is a vote, and his vote with the Republican minority is meaningless.

What about us?

As for Hunter’s unfortunate constituents, as we know all too well, he never represented us anyway. He refused to hold town halls. Most public requests for anything were turned down with extreme prejudice. That is if you could even get through to him since his staff routinely refused to open office doors during working hours or speak with constituents.

Meanwhile, Hunter and his wife — if you can find her, given the tread marks from Hunter throwing her under the campaign finance fraud bus — will be spending all their time, energy and campaign dollars on trying to wiggle out of the 60 federal corruption charges.

For once, Hunter has a full-time job, and that’s trying to avoid prison. Since he already admitted to the crimes, although he disputes who is responsible, by repaying $60,000 when his crimes first were revealed and just before the 2016 election, he is going to be convicted. Presumably that means prison time.

Since everybody in Congress hates Hunter, and no politician wants to be guilty by association with a dirty politician like Hunter for optics sake, he’ll be thrown out of office like yesterday’s trash as soon as he is convicted.

That means the 50th District will have a special election sometime next year anyway.

What should we do

The 2018 Blue Wave saved our nation despite challenges brought about by Republican gerrymandering, Republican voter suppression and Republican dirty tricks. It even showed up in the 50th District where Hunter’s double-digit wins in past elections and 32 percentage point June 6 primary win dissolved to 9 points over Campa-Najjar, losing several points over the Cook Political Report’s pre-election margin of victory prediction.

While others from other districts will check Donald Trump and the Putin Republicans starting in January, we in the 50th District must continue fighting a rear-guard action where we live. We must stand our ground and take out this racist national laughingstock criminal grifter, as soon as heavenly possible. He needs to be stopped from taking one more cent of congressional salary at our taxpayer expense.

This means continuing to hold protests outside Hunter’s illegitimate congressional office. We must continue calling attention to his criminality through personal demonstrations wherever we can, continued contacts with the media and whatever else we can do.

Much of the Resistance is going to Washington to drain the Trump swamp. Our work in the 50th District, however, is not finished. We must hold up our end of the bargain and continue active, and vocal, protests, not allowing the criminal grifter Hunter and the Hunter political crime family a moment of peace or quiet, of believing they got way with anything.

Keep the faith

Carry on Indivisible and continue picketing Hunter’s office, continue making and placing signs around anywhere he, and his enablers, go, and continue pressuring the dirty dog until either he leaves Congress or Federal Court and Congress makes him leave.

Continued public protests will aid Campa-Najjar in the coming special election.

Continuing to call out Hunter’s criminality while tying him like a lead weight around the neck of the next Republican candidate will keep our voters, including our recently added Republican resistance allies, engaged and focused.

We also can use the next few months to continue registering voters and following up with canvassing and the political actions that worked best during the November election. Removal of the Duncan Hunter name from the ballot will cut down on voters who knew little about issues, but were influenced by 30 years of “Duncan Hunter” name recognition.

The extra time will allow us to close the gap.

Our work is not done.

Our work is just beginning.

Let’s carry our fight with the grifting Hunter to its inevitable conclusion, the removal of this criminal parasite from our district forever.

The national election may be over. The 50th Congressional District election continues.

We might have fallen a bit short on Nov. 6. We can flip the 50th to blue in 2019.

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  1. Wait– didn’t Hunter perform a tremendous achievement in getting a post office renamed? You gotta give credit where credit is due, so you cannot forget this monumental accomplishment!

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