Mrs. Walker Texas Ranger comes to town

Nia Peeples dives in at Bheau View Ranch/Grapevine

Starting in a few weeks, The Grapevine will be rolling out several methods by which you can support the truest form of community journalism in San Diego County. Actual on-the-ground running, non-corporate, non regurgitated and press-release journalism, the Grapevine aims to connect on a personal basis with community interests, concerns and aspirations.

To that end, one of the features for enthusiastic sponsors will be membership at Bheau View Ranch, a lovely exclusive horse ranch and health hangout centrally located at the original corner of Twin Oaks and San Marcos, one of the few remaining private luxury open spaces remaining in North County.

Nia Peeples, Mariel Hemingway, Ashley Hayashi visit Bheau View Ranch

Kicking off the spring season at Bheau View Ranch along with the great new age of Grapevine membership, Hollywood celebs got into the scene.

Mariel Hemingway spent several days discussing the efficacy of wearable waterceutical pouches as being evaluated in a group test by the MI Hope Foundation, led by Dr. John Martin. For more information about participating in the trials, visit

Coming on over from her Malibu abode, Hemingway spent several lovely days decompressing and discusing her health concerns, including her desire to work with people to prevent suicide, an unfortunate part of her family history including her grandfather Ernest Hemingway. As part of the health thing, she dipped in the funtastic mud pond lined with beautiful native plants and ranch ife.

Academy Award-nominated actress, model and writer, Hemingway has been going around the country speaking about mental health issues.

At her recent stop before hitting Bheau View Ranch, Hemingway shared the secret of how her life “was saved” from traveling down the same generational path of alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide that claimed many in her family.

“They were plagued by some pretty tremendous, big demons in their lives,” she said, also revealing her struggles with depression and an addiction to dieting and fitness.

Growing up in Idaho, Hemingway said as a young child, she would often find empty bottles of alcohol thrown about the house and blood on the wall.

“I would clean it up and think that if I clean it up, we’ll wake up the next day and it will all be gone, I’ll make it better,” Hemingway told the audience. “That is when I realized that my role in life was to make things better. I was going to fix everybody. Even at 7, I was going to fix my entire family.”

Making the scene at Bheau View Ranch last month with Nia Peeples/Grapevine

Nia Peeples really, really got into the mud pond at Bheau View Ranch. We all know her, we all love her as star of so many iconic movies and television shows.

We’re talking Nicole Chapman on the TV hit series “Fame.” The mother of Emily Fields on hit TV drama Pretty Little Liars. As Karen Taylor Winters on The Young and the Restless, and, of course, as Sydney Cooke, who put the Mrs. in “Walker, Texas Ranger” to the Mr. in Chuck Norris.

Peeples caught the mud bath bug from her good buddy, famed Native American author, musician and celebrity chef Jamie Sams known for her lifelong affiliation and collaboration with prominent Austin sound musicians, including Joe Ely, Gary P. Nunn, Towns Van Zandt and Robert Earl Keene.

The indomitable Ms. Peeples met with Dr. Martin and Bheau View proprietress, and Grapevine fellow traveler Shera Sandwell about the waterceutical research and enhancement project. It’s a natural fit as she operates an internet based organization called Elements of Life, which promotes fitness, inspiration, healthy lifestyle changes and emotional well-being. She worked with business coach Amy Applebaum on its development.

Peeples came down to the ranch from her unique double-wide trailer along the bech at Malibu. Have no fear about her current state, that mobile home is safely sequestered at Paradise Cove. It’s often referred to as one of America’s most expensive trailer parks.

Alhough mobile homes aren’t often associated with high price tags, in this park, it’s not uncommon for them to cost millions of dollars. Paradise Cove has been called home by big-name celebrities including actors Minnie Driver, Pamela Anderson, and Matthew McConaughey.

In fact, fashion designer Betsey Johnson just listed her pink mobile home, which is located in the park, for $1.95 million.

Initially, the “Pretty Little Liars” actress didn’t like the idea of living in a trailer, after having lived in a house her entire life, according to Amo Mama, a multimedia platform striving to magnify the voice of women across the world.

However, she ended up falling in love with a double-wide trailer in Malibu that has easy access to nature any time she wants.

Peeples recently authored a children’s book called “The Little Apple Tree,” after reflecting on her life and asking what she desired on a deep level.

Several people have read the book and connected with the life lessons it taught, including a teacher who added it in the school’s curriculum and an Italian who wanted to animate it.

Our “Fame” alum also penned her second book called “Confessions of a Serial Monogamist,” which discussed relationships.

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