Election 2020

Issa’s Trump trade job burned to the ground

When it comes to carpetbagger Darrell Issa, the California 50th Congressional District race is not a prime example of sloppy seconds, but of sloppy thirds. First, Issa was such a coward in 2018 that when he realized he might lose his California 49th Congressional District seat due to demographic and voter registration shifts along with Dotard Trump backlash, not to mention revulsion over his piss…

50th Cong. Dist. candidates square off

Presenting, for your “viewing pleasure,” the Fox 5 News recording of the Friday, Feb. 7, Valley Center debate among the top four candidates to replace the disgraced Duncan Hunter as representative of California’s 50th Congressional District. Candidates include Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar who came within a few thousand votes in 2018 of beating Hunter in a district rated R+11 in party registration by Cook Political Report….

Duncan Hunter says he will resign Jan. 13

The Hunter political crime family’s occupation of California’s 50th Congressional District will end on Jan. 13 if the final Duncan Hunter (R-Vapeville) fulfills his pledge to resign. Hunter had previously said he would leave Congress after the holidays. His resignation will take effect Jan. 13, according to a copy of the letter he sent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday. Hunter’s resignation represents the end…

CREW: Trump’s 2,000 conflicts of interest

(Editor’s Note: While we primarily focus on local news, we also are Americans. In this light, we are sharing this report by the non-profit, non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) issued Saturday, Aug. 19, 2019. For the full report, visit here. It tells you all you need to know about the criminal who stole the presidency with aid of our Russian enemies….

Bottom feeding DeMaio carpet bags the 50th

Talk show radio host and quixotic conservative crusader Carl DeMaio has announced he’ll seek the 50th District congressional seat currently held by Rep. Duncan Hunter, despite living in the Rancho Bernardo area — outside the district. The law only requires that he be a resident of the state. Here’s a snip from the press release announcing his candidacy: Today longtime taxpayer advocate and Reform California…