Burger Bench on Grand Avenue, Escondido

Burger Bench

Burger Bench is the brainchild of one of my hiking / blogging friends 100peaks and in its first year of being open, it has already carved itself a spot in the downtown Escondido culture. Serving up good burgers and a large menu of San Diego craft beer, it is one of those spots you want to go after a long hike in one of San Diego’s many mountains.

I got a chance to do just that a few weekends ago when I hiked Daley Ranch with some fellow bloggers then headed over to Burger Bench for a meal. Overall, I was really impressed with the food and the atmosphere and not just because the owner is a friend, it really is a good spot. Here is all the information.

Burger Bench-1


  • Cost: $8-$14
  • Hours: See current hours here
  • Location: 237 E Grand Avenue Escondido, CA 92025

Getting There

Burger Bench is located on Grand St in downtown Escondido and there is street parking and a few small lots scattered around the area.

Burger Bench-4

The restaurant has a very clean style with a large open front, brick walls and a lot of seating.

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It is an “order at the bar and find a spot to sit” restaurant and they have a large beer menu of only San Diego beers as well as a selection of craft sodas from the dispenser.

Burger Bench-2

I ended up going with the Sunrise Burger which had an over easy egg, hash browns, and thick slices of bacon. It was better than I anticipated it being with a well-cooked burger and really thick bacon.

Burger Bench-5

The fries that I added on were great, with truffle oil and seasoning that helped me have no problem eating the whole bowl. I tried the tots and they were flavored well and crunchy, if you like tots they are a good addition as well. I also tried the onion rings and they were good but my least favorite of the sides, so I would recommend the fries or tots.

Burger Bench-6

They also have a fun kids meal with a few sliders and the choice of apples or tots.

Burger Bench-7

Overall I was really impressed with my time at Burger Bench, they have good food, beer, and prices.  Don’t just take my word for it though, at the time of this writing they have over 120 reviews on Yelp and still have 4.5 stars, so other people must be liking what they are doing as well. If you have been let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Thanks for writing this. And a huge thanks to your friend for opening this Gem. We live in Old Escondido and are hoping Grand Ave becomes the next Hot Spot. And Burger Bench is setting a good standard to follow. We stop in once a week and are never disappointed.
    Hopefully one day soon, I will see my craft beer on his list of local beers. But until then I will enjoy the other local stuff sold here. #EscoRevelution

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